OrthoSync is a collaboration between Alden and the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute (IBJI) to provide a customized plan of care that meets patients’ post-surgery needs.

OrthoSync is IBJI’s innovative program that specifically addresses patients’ individual post-surgery needs. The basis of the program is a continuum of care and services for patients from the hospital, though rehabilitation at an Alden Post-Acute Rehabilitation Center, to home.

The goal is to provide patients with the best in rehabilitation so they have the best possible outcomes.

Choosing an Alden Post-Acute Rehabilitation Center is an important step for your recovery.

Your Customized Care Plan

The customized care plan that IBJI develops for each patient takes into account social, cognitive, functional and medical factors that can affect their recovery. The comprehensive preoperative evaluation can take up to 30-45 minutes and a summary of results are provided to the patient, physician, other members of a patient’s care team and Alden.

The customized care plan is used to maximize your recovery.

Synchronized Care and Services

“OrthoSync is a collaborative effort by Illinois Bone & Joint Institute and our excellent partners that provide post-surgical care throughout Chicagoland.”

Alden is proud to be an original OrthoSync post-acute rehabilitation partner. The partnership with IBJI allows for increased communication and coordination of care and services.

OrthoSync brings patients, Alden and IBJI together in achieving the same goal – a seamless and safe transition from the hospital, through rehabilitation, to home.

Learn More

To find out more about OrthoSync, please call 847.324.3977, email OrthoSync@ibji.com or visit www.orthosync.ibji.com.